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Leadership – Advocacy – Reflection

I agree with Raymond Hernandez statement about leadership and advocacy, “it comes as you grow in your field” (Laureate Ed., 2010)  However, I feel we will not be able to grow without the added effort of self reflection.  I have included an article that was shared with me about the reflective practice.  In this article they discuss the importance of reflection and how you can affectively go through the process.

Video- Laureate Education, Inc. (2010). Professionalism, advocacy, and leadership in early childhood. Baltimore: Author.


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Art Rolnick Quotes

Art Rolnick – from an economic anylist to Early childhood Advocate

“The return on investment from early childhood development is extraordinary, resulting in better working public schools, more educated workers and less crime.” Art Rolnick

What we mean by ‘do it right’ is that ECD programs must be high quality to get the high returns. They must incorporate master level teachers and regular home visits and they must focus on the parent(s). If done right, especially for at-risk children, these studies show dramatic differences. ECD children are much less likely to be retained in the first grade, much less likely to need special education, much more likely to be literate by the third grade, much more likely to complete high school, get a good job, raise a family and much less likely to commit a crime. In addition, related studies confirm that within three or four years you can see dramatic improvement in at-risk children’s outcomes.”(children of  the code, 2005)

http://www.childrenofthecode.org/interviews/rolnick.htm – Phone 2/11/2005


“Investment in human capital breeds economic success not only for those being educated, but also for the overall economy,” Rolnick and Grunewald