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Time Well Spent

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My anti-bias journey is life long and will never truly be met or completed, through self-reflection I will continue to grow and change everyday (Derman-Sparks & Edwards, 2010).  As early childhood professionals, it is our job to ensure every child and family is visible in our program and that they feel welcome in our classroom and community (Derman-Sparks & Olsen Edwards, 2010). “It is important that we don’t close children off with the walls of our assumptions. We should leave ourselves open to surprises (Laureate, 2011).” We must never forget children’s first experiences as members of classroom communities set the foundation for a lifetime a social behavior patterns is critical to success (Jiang & Jones, 2016).

These are the words of wisdom that will support my continued journey.


Thank you, to all my professors throughout this masters program that have inspired my to have the courage to look inward and the knowledge to change outwardly through my words and actions. Thank you, to all my colleagues that have supported and challenge me throughout this journey. I wish for your passion to grow and your dreams for children to come true. We have built a strong community of support throughout this program that I hope will continue as our journeys continue. I will leave my contact information and look forward to future collaborations.

Thank you,


We Did It!!!!!!!




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Author: cstravato

I am a wife of 14 years and have two boys, one is 10 and an the other is 8. They are busy and keep us hopping. I have been a pre-school teacher for 9 years with a break in the middle to teach kindergarten in FL for three years, and I had the luxury of staying home with my two boys for a few years. I enjoy teaching pre-school age children it gives me great pride to help set a generation up to succeed in their school careers and life. I am currently going back to school to complete my masters degree in early childhood education at Walden University.

One thought on “Time Well Spent

  1. Christina,
    Your quote from Gabrielle Bernstein, “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession,” speaks volumes to me. I love this quote because I feel as though it speaks specifically to me. I feel so much more satisfied and accomplished now that I am pursuing a profession within the Early Childhood education profession. This program has reassured me that there are many others within the field that share the same values and beliefs as I do. Interacting with each of you makes me feel as though we are in this together ready to do what’s right for our children and positively impact these children and our communities, collectively.

    As you’ve stated.. We’ve made it!! I wish the best in all that you do! Many blessings to you!!


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