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Thank You

Thank you to all who have visited, read, and replyed to my blog posts. I have enjoyed reading and growing with you.  Your comments and questions have help me further my knowledge and insight on these critical topics. I look forward to continuing this journey through early childhood development together. It is so powerful to see our network of readers and bloggers growing.



Saying Good-bye


Tuckman’s model of group development move through five stages: forming storming, norming, preforming, and adjourning. Each stage has unique challenges and increased benefit for the teams quality and quality of production toward the shared vision and goals. The final stage, the adjourning stage, is the ending of a project and time for the members to move onto other projects in different directions. Prior to departure of a team this is the “Good- Bye”, this is were teams reflect on their time together, they may celebrate formally or informally, they may reminisce the over the growth they have made throughout the project.

Teams that I have been a part of that has made it successfully through the five stages of group development have found it difficult to say “good bye”. We often have gotten to know and respect each other so much that we want to stay connected and continue to rely on each other as resources and at time close friends. Some groups have ended projects with a plan to meet back up after a set amount of time has passed to discuss were the projects has gone since we handed it off and to reconnect with each other. At times, I have found my self in new projects with some of the same members as other projects. This makes me feel instantly comfortable with my new group because I know from the first moment I have some communality and compatibility with at least a few members of this new group.

I find each new class in this Masters program, I look through the list of names in my group to quickly to see if I recognize any from a previous class. It always brings me a smile to find someone I know I will have great rapport. I also find as I scroll through the names some make me think, I will defiantly be learning something new with her in my group again, or I know I am in for some fun and witty stories with her in my group. Having prior knowledge and prior comradely, allows us to feel comfortable and confident in a group as we build new relationships toward a new goal.

I know this program will end soon and I will miss this group I have come to rely on for support, knowledge, and collaboration. Most group need an end time to allow each member to grow and develop independently and interpedently with others. Although this team will come to an end and we will all write our good bye and inspiration notes to each other we will always have a way to contact each other as needed. This is such a critical piece to a successful team, they become a source of support and a resource forever. The team project may come to an end but our friendships, resources, and supports do not need to come to an end.