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My Microaggression Experience

Dr. Derald Wing Sue stated, “Microaggressions are when verbal behavior cause feelings of uncertainty, inferiority, or marginalization, even though no offense was consciously intended (Laureate, 2011).” Through this recent exercise to observe our own lives for microaggression I have stumbled onto a fact about myself I am not proud of. To me it is one thing to realize others have used microaggressions toward me and reflect on how I felt, it is a whole different feeling when I realized I not only have used microaggression toward others but that I am teaching my children to do the same unintentionally. I believe I am a kind and accepting person however, I do have my opinions about many things and the way people do things.

On a car ride home from a family visit as I discuss with my husband things that I didn’t agree with about other family members, not to bash them just in a discussion. However, I realize now by having this discussion with my children in the car no matter how much I think they are not listening, I am model microaggression. If they take my words and attitude and say something to their cousin they will be the microaggressors with out even knowing what they are doing. WOW! This is important for all us parents, it is so hard to be aware of all the messages we are sending intended and unintended.





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What is the definition of Diversity and Culture?

How would you answer these questions? Would it matter what culture you are associated with? Would it matter what culture you were raised? Why do we perceive culture and diversity in different ways?


  1. Perspective of a 35 year old women who grew up in poverty in Connecticut.

Culture – A persons family beliefs, spiritual beliefs, how they dress, rituals such as turning points in life as they grow, annual celebrations. It would also include how their ancestors were raised and passed down beliefs, and their particular way of life based on all the above information.

Diversity – A combination of different cultures and being open to all of them, sharing and accepting others.


  1. Perspective of a 33 Year old man first generation Mexican American who grew up in a middle class family in California.

Culture – A mixture of your heritage and family background makes your culture. Culture is the surroundings you grew up in like family and friends. Culture is the environment you attend or work at like school or work.

Diversity – A group of person with different family background that makes one unique based on religion, culture, family up bringing, morals, and beliefs. Diversity can also all the same race but from different social groups or social classes.


  1. Perspective of a 43 year old Chinese woman who grew up in china and is now raising her family the U.S.

Culture – Culture is how people form a particular geographic location handle a situation. For instance in Germany- it is considered to be on time one needs to be arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time, in the U.S. one time is to arrive at the scheduled time, in Asia up to 15 minutes past the scheduled time is acceptable.

Diversity – Diversity is how different cultures can coexist without conflict


  1. Perspective of a 34 year old women, born in Poland and is now raising her family in the U.S.

Culture – is your upbringing, your backyard. It does not have to be base solely on nationality, religion education, country’s cuisine, history, or family values. Culture is more a mix of all of those factors that shape you growing up. They make you who you are as a person. It’s your country’s and family’s traditions but also your values and beliefs that you’ve been taught growing up and shaped by the knowledge you acquired as a grown up.

Diversity – Is how things or people differ from each other. It’s expressing ones uniqueness and being true to it.



It was very interesting hearing different peoples definitions of culture and diversity. These four people are from many different walks in life with many different experiences with culture. Most of the perspectives are in alignment with Nadiyah Taylor statement, “culture has become so broad it’s like a pair of glasses. Everything we do is related to culture (Laureate, 2011).” All of the four perspective expressed family, heritage, and social influences as critical component to culture. The four perspectives included some surface culture, clothing, food, celebrations, traditions, and religion. They however focused mostly on “deep culture” what is below the surface, the unseen (Laureate, 2001). Deep culture is the way we function, interact and react to people and situations based on our family background, beliefs, values, influences of ancestors, friends, and coworkers.

The definitions of diversity emphasized the differences in people for a variety of reasons, which makes people unique, and a need for tolerance and acceptance. Interestingly not one of the four people I asked to answer these two questions mentioned language, gender, age, social class, or sexual orientation in their definition of culture or diversity. The concept of dominant culture was not included in any of the perspective of culture or diversity. Everyone seems to have his or her own idea of what culture and diversity is, this is because culture is not stagnate it is a continuous process. We are never finished developing our culture and adding to the diversity of the world.



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My Family Culture: Reflection Exercise

A major catastrophe has hit the U.S. and my immediate family and I are among the survivors. We are being relocated to a new country to take refuge, and I am not able to make any decisions about the evacuation plan or the final destination. All I know is that the final destination is completely different from my home country and I may need to stay permanently. I can only bring one change of cloths and three small personal items.

I will pack my one change of cloths, a digital copy of my family photographs, one of my fathers drawings, and my file of important documentation from the safe (birth certificates, marriage license, professional certifications, college diplomas). The family photographs will allow my family and I to recall our homeland and have a visual to refer to when we are home sick. The painting from my father is a way to take him with us, he passed several years before. The file of important documents will be a hard copy base to start our new lives with.

As we arrive at our refuge country, we are told we may only keep one of the three precious items we brought with us. I am devastated; it was difficult to choose most important three items to take on this incredibly scary journey. How could I possible choose to leave our family’s history, my father, or our new start behind?

This was an interesting exercise to go through. I began by thinking, if my family is coming with me then that is really all I need to take. Then I thought about my father who had passed and I could not take him with us, I felt I needed a personal item of his to take, so I choose a drawing of his. I knew we would all have our memories of our home country but memories can fade over time and I would never want my family or myself to forget where we came from, so I choose the photographs. Knowing we would have to start over I wanted to bring birth certificates to establish new residence and our college diplomas, my teaching certificates, and my husbands IT certificates to better insure we are able to find jobs and financially support our family and our new lives.

Reflecting on what I choose to bring in some ways made me sad I did not have anything so special that I could not live without beside my family. On the other hand, I was pleased that I was able to quickly make sentimental and practical choices that would preserve our family history and give us the best start to our new lives. I am not sure what this reveals about me as a person but it defiantly made me evaluate what is important in my life.