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Making International Connections – Up Date http://worldforumfoundation.org



I enjoyed exploring the Connection Center this week. The link, Explore Global Perspectives, took me back to Bonnie’s Global Café. I found a great story related to excellence and equity. I watch a video without one word of English and yet it was so powerful I could completely understand what was happening. The video was of World Forum leader Ronald Ssentuuwa promoting literacy in Makerere Kivulu, a poor area of Kampala in his home country of Uganda. He read a story to a group of children and was able to spread the love of literacy



It was amazing to listen to him read and see the eager interest of the children to hear the story and participate in the story. What a powerful message of literacy. Children want to learn they just need someone to take the time to show them.


Author: cstravato

I am a wife of 14 years and have two boys, one is 10 and an the other is 8. They are busy and keep us hopping. I have been a pre-school teacher for 9 years with a break in the middle to teach kindergarten in FL for three years, and I had the luxury of staying home with my two boys for a few years. I enjoy teaching pre-school age children it gives me great pride to help set a generation up to succeed in their school careers and life. I am currently going back to school to complete my masters degree in early childhood education at Walden University.

3 thoughts on “Making International Connections – Up Date http://worldforumfoundation.org

  1. Was a great post indeed!! will listen to the video link another time. It is always great to learn more about other established connections in different countries.


  2. Thank you for posting this. I really enjoyed the youtube link you shared. I completely agree on the importance of literacy at a young age. It saddens me that some children do not have literacy around them and go through life no able to write or read. I think that sending books to countries in need is something important schools should do together.

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  3. Such a beautiful and powerful video. It goes to show helping and improving the lives of others does not have to be in a classroom setting and does not require the fanciest book. The children surrounded him with enthusiasm, joy, interest, and most of all were learning literacy! Thank you for sharing.

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